What is cutoff lighting?

Answer The term cutoff lighting describes fixtures that direct light rays straight down at an intended area, preventing any light from escaping above the fixture's horizon. No light is wasted upwards or o... Read More »

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What is the cutoff age for the navy?

The upper age limit for the Navy is 34 for Active Duty, 39 for the Reserves. However, in the Reserve your age limit can be waived for certain positions, particularly if you're an officer. This is c... Read More »

What is the cutoff age to join the navy?

What is the age cutoff for the Marine Corps?

The United State Marine Corps was founded on Nov. 10, 1775. Marines have served in every war from the American Revolution to the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.Average Age of RecruitsThe United... Read More »

What is the cutoff age to join the Army?

The cutoff age to join the U.S. Army is 42. The current age limit was raised to 42 from 35 in 2006 to help bolster the Army's pool of recruits. The Army currently accepts more older applicants than... Read More »