How to Start Cursing?

Answer What is known as "cursing", "swearing” or "cussing" is, quite simply, the use of taboo words. Using such words in front of authority figures, young children, and parents will often get you into t... Read More »

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How to Stop Cursing?

Cursing is a horrible -but common- habit to get into. You hear it from everywhere and everyone. If you want to stop cursing and become clean, these tips may help.

Is Online Cursing True?

Do you believe in such curses. What is the need for anyone to curse you without knowing who your are. That is all trash. Leave it, dont be scared.

How to Deal With a Cursing Person?

Cursing is showing rude, disrespectful behavior toward another person or animal [1].In most cases, swear words is often said to make people feel "cool", and "important", sometimes some people curse... Read More »


Yes, you were wrong.She should have minded her own business. You could have said just that with no editorializing, but now you've actually given her legitimate reason to dislike you. You had the ... Read More »