What is current practice for transracial adoption?

Answer That depends on your money and the choice of the mother.

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Transracial adoption in the US Foster care system?

It disturbs me greatly that there is no specialized training for transracial adoptions. I think there should be more mandatory education for all types of adoption.I do agree that there needs to be... Read More »

Is Paying Someone's Expenses Coercive Adoption Practice?

Yes, it is one of the most blatant forms of coercion. How can a mother make a non-pressured, non-coerced decision after the birth of her baby if she's financially and morally indebted to the people... Read More »

Will two or more adoption financial assistance organizations work together on one adoption case so that all of the adoption costs are covered or is help limited to aid from one company per adoption?

No, you can only use one agency per adoption and I would recommend you do so.There are banks, however, that will work with the financial assistance organizations and can provide you low or no inter... Read More »

Do you think Jesus would approve of adoption (not foster care) in it's current form?

No. It encourages non-fertile people to envy the fertile.It encourages non-parents to covet the children of strangers.It dishonors parents. It is dishonest. It objectifies children.Children are sto... Read More »