What is cup stacking?

Answer Cup stacking is a team or individual sport in which participants stack and unstack cups in various predetermined formations as fast as they can. Proponents claim cup stacking can improve concentra... Read More »

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What is speed stacking?

Speed stacking or sport stacking is a sport originated in Southern California in the 1980s by Bob Fox. In the sport of speed stacking, an individual stacks plastic cups in a pyramid shape, trying t... Read More »

When was cup stacking invented?

Cup stacking, now called sport stacking, began in the early 1980s at a club for boys and girls in southern California. The sport began to grow in popularity after it was featured on The Tonight Sho... Read More »

How to Use River Stone for Dry Stacking?

Walls, chimneys, barns and other outbuildings made from stone have been around since ancient times, since stone is an easily obtainable and durable building material. Dry-stacking the stones is a m... Read More »

Firewood Stacking Methods?

In her article "The Science of Wood Stacking" Ceylon Monroe states that firewood simply thrown in a heap for storage will not dry or burn well. Rain soaks into cut ends, and ground moisture seeps i... Read More »