What is culture communication in a business?

Answer One aspect of cultural communication in business, as of 2010, deals with cross-cultural perceptions underlying global business dealings. The other involves internal corporate culture. In both insta... Read More »

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How to Hold on to Your Small Business Culture when Becoming a Big Business?

It is every entrepreneur's dream to grow the business he/she builds and grows it from baby stage to big business. However big business is identical to cold hard impersonal working environment that ... Read More »

What qualitive skill reflects in the Air Force institutional competencies that include communication and embodies Airmen culture?

Chinese Culture & Business?

Conducting business in China is different than in the West. Guan Xi, the art of relationship building, is an important tenet in the Chinese business world. Doing business in China requires adherenc... Read More »

French Culture & Etiquette in Business?

French business conduct and etiquette reflects the country's overall pride in its achievements and rich history. While it may seem arrogant to Americans, the French hold propriety and rules in high... Read More »