What is culture adaptation?

Answer Culture adaptation is the evolutionary process by which an individual modifies his personal habits and customs to fit in to a particular culture. It can also refer to gradual changes within a cultu... Read More »

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Why is extended family different from culture to culture?

What is rational adaptation?

Rational adaptation is the ability of a person's cognitive system to react in a rational way to outside stimuli. The study of rational adaptation monitors predicted behaviors and analyzes alternat... Read More »

What is a biological adaptation?

A biological adaptation is a trait that a common population of living organism develops in order to survive or function better. Adaptations can either be physical or behavioral and they are produce... Read More »

What Is Psychosocial Adaptation?

Psychosocial adaptation is a medical term used in the fields of psychology and rehabilitation. The word "psychosocial" is defined in the Dictionary of Nursing as: "involving or relating to both the... Read More »