What is crossover music?

Answer Crossover music is music from one genre that can appear on two or more of the record charts. These record charts track different musical tastes (such jazz, hip-hop or country).HistoryCrossover mus... Read More »

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What is a crossover SUV?

A crossover sport-utility vehicle, or SUV, is a vehicle built on a unibody car frame but which possesses many of the characteristics of the truck-based SUV. The Honda Element SUV, for example, is b... Read More »

What is a crossover trial?

A crossover trial is a type of experiment in which one or more people is analyzed during different medical treatments. One type of treatment method is used for a given period of time, then the pers... Read More »

What is a crossover UTP cable?

A crossover UTP cable is an Ethernet cable for computer networking that has wires inside the cable with a configuration from standard Ethernet cables. A crossover cable can directly connect two com... Read More »

What is a stereo crossover?

A stereo crossover is a device used in a stereo system to split the frequencies of an output signal so that mid- to high-range sounds go to certain speakers and low sounds go to subwoofers. The cro... Read More »