Crop Dusting Dangers?

Answer Crop dusting can be dangerous work. The crop duster flies above fields and sprays chemicals that help keep crops from being attacked by fungi, boll weevils and weeds. Crop dusting is the aerial app... Read More »

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Flying Schools for Crop Dusting?

Aspiring crop dusting students should check out the backgrounds, costs, courses and trainer qualifications of all three major crop dusting schools. All three schools have impressive training experi... Read More »

How to Find a Crop Dusting School?

Crop duster in action!Crop dusting involves flying an agricultural aircraft, or a small plane, over fields and crops to apply fertilizers, pesticides or insecticides. Becoming a pilot on a crop dus... Read More »

How to Apply Crop Dusting Chemicals?

Crop dusting chemicals are applied to fields to combat pests, fertilize the crops and fight agricultural diseases. Thanks to the development of global positioning systems, more farmers are able to ... Read More »

What is dusting powder?

For more than a century, women have enjoyed using dusting powder on their bodies following their baths. It is a lightweight blend of powder bases scented with florals and spices.Luxury ProductDusti... Read More »