What is criminal justice?

Answer Criminal justice is the process that is used to prove or disprove criminal behavior and activity. There are many steps and people who are involved throughout the lengthy criminal justice process.Po... Read More »

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Will a criminal record stop me from getting a job in criminal justice?

Depending on the nature of the offense and the particular position, a criminal record may not disqualify you from a job in the criminal justice system. For example, a speeding ticket will not disqu... Read More »

What is criminology and criminal justice?

Criminology and criminal justice are interrelated fields focused on the subject of crime from different perspectives. Some universities, however, use the terms interchangeably.IdentificationCrimino... Read More »

What is"hybrid"in criminal justice?

A legal "hybrid" emerges when two areas of criminal justice overlap to create a new one. Identifiable hybrids are found among legal systems, criminal and civil offenses, and courts.IdentificationC... Read More »

What is the criminal justice funnel?

The U.S. criminal justice system has been described as resembling a funnel being wide at the top and narrow at the bottom. This means there are more suspects and defendants in the justice system th... Read More »