What is credit life?

Answer Credit life insurance will pay off your loan or credit card in the event of your death. The value of the policy decreases as you pay down your loan balance.The FactsAfter your death, the balance of... Read More »

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What is credit life insurance?

Credit life insurance is a form of coverage that is offered by lenders of certain types of loans. The borrower pays a premium in return for insurance protection in the event that he dies before the... Read More »

Do we really need credit cards in our life?

On One Hand: They Make Some Transactions EasierCertain transactions, such as purchasing items online or reserving a hotel room, require a credit cards in order to complete the transaction. With eac... Read More »

How much is credit life insurance on a house?

If your down payment is less than 20 percent, "credit life insurance," also known as Property Mortgage Insurance (PMI), is required by most lenders. The approximate rate is 0.5 percent of your loan... Read More »

The Life of a Judgment on a Credit Report?

Failing to make timely payments to unsecured creditors, such as your credit card company or bank, can result in an eventual judgment appearing on your credit report. A judgment can significantly da... Read More »