What is credentialing of health care providers?

Answer The credentialing of healthcare providers is an integral part of a healthcare organization's quality management program. Credentialing is the process of ensuring that a healthcare provider meets th... Read More »

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Who are the health care providers in the military?

According to and, health care in the military is provided by military personnel at all levels, from enlisted medics to general practitioners to surgeons, dental personnel, n... Read More »

Where do primary health care providers practice?

Primary care physicians are the first doctor that a patient sees and are considered the gateway to the medical system. Many primary care physicians work in clinics, but any doctor that you go to fi... Read More »

Do health care providers have to disclose that I have AIDS?

Yes, health care providers can disclose that you have AIDS because of the Right to Know Act of 1986, which is designed to provide such information to other health care workers, for example. This do... Read More »

Electronic Prescribing Options for Health Care Providers?

Technology is ever-changing, with new software becoming available on an almost daily basis. Technology affects almost every industry in the United States, with a huge impact being placed on the fie... Read More »