What is cradle cap?

Answer It is a crust yellow scaly patches on head or other parts of the body. My 5 month old has it pretty severe and we have been advised by her doctor to treat it with a shampoo called Capex ( prescript... Read More »

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What is a bed cradle?

Bed cradles prevent blankets and sheets from resting directly on top of individuals when they are lying down. While some cover only the feet, others cover the entire bed. Bed cradles help individua... Read More »

What size is a cradle mattress?

Cradles, cribs and bassinets come in a variety of sizes. If your cradle is an heirloom passed down through the generations, then you will probably have to have the mattress custom made. If you buy ... Read More »

What is a baby's cradle called?

How do you get rid of cradle cap?

The condition is usually self limited and does not require any treatment.