What is cracked wheat?

Answer Cracked wheat is a popular grain and nutritional supplement that is frequently included in a health-conscious diet. Because of its high fiber content and rich nutty flavor, cracked wheat is used in... Read More »

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Substitutes for Cracked Wheat?

Cracked wheat is a nutritious whole grain product that is used in recipes for crackers, breads, cereals and casseroles. Consume cracked wheat boiled as a hot cereal or use as a meat extender in mea... Read More »

What kind of wheat is used to grow wheat grass?

The young grass of the common wheat plant Triticum aestivum is either freshly juiced or dried into a powder for consumption as wheatgrass. According to the Hippocrates Health Institute, wheatgrass ... Read More »

Does wheat grass come from hard wheat?

The best wheat grass comes from hard winter wheat. Growing it is easy. First, sprout the seeds. Spread peat moss and topsoil about 2 inches deep and transfer the sprouted seeds. Cover with peat mos... Read More »

Do i use hard or soft wheat berries to make wheat grass?

Hard and soft wheat berries both germinate into wheatgrass. Ann Wigmore, who popularized wheatgrass as a health tonic, recommends using hard red winter wheat berries to sprout wheatgrass. Hard spri... Read More »