What is cpu usage in the task manager?

Answer The task manager is an administrative tool in Windows operating systems; central processing unit (CPU) usage in the task manager indicates what percentage of your CPU's processing power the compute... Read More »

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Why is your task manager on high cpu usage?

The Windows Task Manager keeps tabs on all the software that's running on your computer, particularly how much memory and how much of the CPU (Central Processing Unit) is being used by each program... Read More »

What is a task manager?

A task manager is an application that reports and provides information about what programs and processes a computer is currently running. It may also give information about CPU and memory usage.Win... Read More »

What is *32 in my task manager?

Assuming you have 64bit Windows Vista, it's perfectly normal. It means that program is emulated to run in 32bit mode using WOW64.

What should be in your task manager?

The task manager should show five tabs titled "Applications," "Processes," "Performance," "Networking" and "Users," in that order. The standard menu options including "File," "Options," "View," "Wi... Read More »