What is covered under insurance on personal belongings?

Answer Your homeowner's insurance policy will provide protection for your personal belongings. But all insurance polices are different, so check with your insurance company for more specifics.FeaturesInsu... Read More »

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Does your renters insurance cover your personal belongings from bed bug?

The tenant is responsible for insuring his apartment and contents against theft. The Lease does not have to require insurance.BUTWhere I live the Landlord is responsible for fixing the door or wind... Read More »

Does any insurance cover personal belongings if the car was unlocked?

While some car insurance companies cover items stolen from inside a car in the event of forced entry, no insurance companies cover theft due to negligence, which would include leaving items in the ... Read More »

Will renters insurance pay for personal belongings stolen from car when not on the property?

Yes. It depends on the items and if you have proof of their value.Yes. It depends on the items and if you have proof of their value.

Your girlfriend and you live together and have a renters insurance policy together for your belongings She has a separate policy for her own belongings Could you get one for yourself on your belonging?