Is coumadin rat poison?

Answer Coumadin, also known as Warfarin, is used as rat poison. Many humans take it as a prescription to prevent heart attacks and strokes. It is effective against rats because if taken in large enough do... Read More »

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Can plavix and coumadin be taken together?

go to and under the tab drug interactions input both drugs and see what it says. You can put in as many drugs as you take and it will tell you what reacts with what or doesn't ... Read More »

What is the difference between coumadin&heparin?

Coumadin and heparin are two different anticoagulant medications designed to prevent the formation of clots inside blood vessels. Each of these products has its own treatment routes and typical med... Read More »

Can an inhaler interact with Coumadin?

On One Hand: Drug Interactions PossibleAccording to, Coumadin can interact with a wide variety of prescription and over-the-counter drugs. WebMD lists all prescription asthma medications ... Read More »

Can you drink alcohol when you take Coumadin?

On One Hand: Possible Gastrointestinal ComplicationsConsumption of alcohol while taking Coumadin is not recommended. In particular, binge drinking can have devastating effects on a patient who tak... Read More »