How to Make Apricot Coulis?

Answer Apricot coulis is a summery dessert sauce suitable for pouring over ice cream, flans and other desserts.

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How to Make Berry Coulis?

A delicious dessert sauce that can be used to dress a variety of dishes from ice creams to sorbets. Serves: 4Preparation time: 10 minutesCooking time: 15 minutes

How to Make Blueberry Coulis?

This is a healthy fruit sauce suitable for adding to many dessert dishes.

How to Make Passionfruit Coulis?

Passionfruit is a delicious flavour. When turned into a coulis, it becomes a very versatile dessert sauce that can be added to plain yoghurt, cakes, fruit salads and more.

How to Make Raspberry Coulis?

Raspberry coulis is a perfect dessert sauce that combines easily with puddings, cheesecakes, slices of cake, pancakes, ice cream, muffins and more to add a refreshing tang and brighten up the prese... Read More »