What group made cotton thread from raw cotton?

Answer Cotton cloth has been around for more than 7,000 years. It was woven into cloth in Pakistan 5,000 years ago, and cotton cloth was even worn by Cleopatra in Egypt. Patrick Clark, however, was the fi... Read More »

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What are cotton balls made of?

Although some cotton balls are made of 100 percent cotton, they are more likely to be made of synthetic fibers such as rayon, polyester or polypropylene fiber. Cotton balls made from 100 percent co... Read More »

What is cotton burr compost made of?

Cotton burr compost is made from the dry husks, or burrs, that surround the white cotton bolls growing on cotton plants. Traditionally left in the fields following the cotton harvest, these burrs p... Read More »

What are Egyptian cotton feel sheets made of?

Egyptian cotton bed sheets are made from cotton produced by cotton plants grown in Egypt. Because of the highly rich soil and humid conditions along the Nile River Valley, cotton grown there is of ... Read More »

What kind of clothes are made out of 65% poly&35% cotton?

Polyester blends, such as 65 percent polyester and 35 percent cotton, are used for many types of garments including slacks, shirts, uniforms and other articles of everyday clothing. Blending polyes... Read More »