Im 55 years old am i too old to eat cotton candy I love cotton candy...?

Answer No. The only reason that you couldn't eat cotton candy anymore was if you had a health problems (like diabetes) and you couldn't eat lots of sugar (which cotton candy is made of). Apart from that... Read More »

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What happens to cotton candy when you spit on it?

Great question! You get a star from me! Except now I want some cotton candy!

How to Make Cotton Candy?

Creating cotton candy (or candy floss, as it's known in some places) in large quantities is virtually impossible without a machine designed specifically for doing so (in which case, one would follo... Read More »

How to Do a Cotton Candy Hairstyle?

The process of teasing your hair will fluff it up to make an assortment of hairstyles. If you tease your hair completely, you can achieve an interesting hairstyle much like cotton candy. The proces... Read More »

How do u make cotton candy i've been trying but its not working what should i add?

Cotton candy is made with a very specific machine, and sugar made to go in the machine. This is not something you can just make up.