What is difference between Indian cottage cheese and American cottage cheese?

Answer My first thought would be the source of the milk.... American milk is primarilly cow milk, other countries also use goat milk so perhaps that is what it is made from...

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Is there such a thing as vegan cottage cheese And does it taste/look similar to actual cottage cheese?

You could make it? http://www.veganvegetariancookingschool.……I can't vouch for the taste however, have never tried it:)

Whats the difference between indian cottage cheese and traditional cottage cheese?

Paneer is very different from cottage cheese, particularly in texture. Paneer is firmer and dryer, which makes it better suited for cooking when you need/want to retain the cheese as a separate en... Read More »

Cottage cheese Why does it look like cottage cheese but smell like bread?

Yowza, you're brave! I tried smelling it back in 1993 but could never go near enough again to form an opinion.Edit: OMG, I just noticed you posted this in Men's Health!!!!!

Most bengali sweets are made in same way from Chena (cottage cheese), then how they are different?

The ingredient is same but it tastes different, the texture is different, for ex. matar paneer and shahi paneer both have paneer and spices but both are not same like that only every Bengali sweets... Read More »