What is cost plus pricing?

Answer "Cost-plus" pricing is a simple way for businesses to set prices for their goods and services. Prices are easy to calculate using this method, but problems emerge as sales volume grows or shrinks.C... Read More »

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Would it be true or false if the arbitrage pricing model is more elastic and acceptable for pricing a capital asset than the capital asset pricing model?

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Pricing strategy and suggest an appropriate pricing and poisoning on micro wave ovens?

Answer I've done this but you must have a resource to parts appropriate for your machine, along with diagrams.There is no way to respond with exact instructions for you in this forum but this task... Read More »

The cost of a digital camera is £240 plus VAT. The rate of VAT is 17.5%. What is the cost of the camera?

I do hope very much that this is a homework question (it sure sounds like one) and that you are about 8 years old.If you seriously can't figure this out, it would be a very good idea for the sake o... Read More »

What is the definition of a cost-plus contract?

Cost-plus contracts, also known as cost-reimbursement contracts, are proposals made between businesses for certain projects or jobs. Businesses frequently use cost-plus contracts in bidding situati... Read More »