Can you eat cornstarch while you're pregnant?

Answer I did and all of my children are fine.

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Why would you crave cornstarch?

There could be a number of reasons. The ailment is usually called pica. Talking to a doctor about your unusual cravings will help you find an answer, whether it is a nutritional deficit, or whether... Read More »

Can cornstarch be used to get rid of ants?

It will do nothing but provide a food source for some species.

What Happens to Cornstarch to Make It Sticky?

As the name suggests, cornstarch is a pure, white starch refined from corn. It is widely used as a thickener across the country and elsewhere. Sauces made with cornstarch are clear and glossy, maki... Read More »

How to Make Cornstarch Beads?

These beads mimic clay and are easy and fun to work with. They're perfect for preschoolers to make and play with, teaching them patterning, or sequencing, which helps lay the groundwork for reading... Read More »