What is corian?

Answer Corian is a trademarked solid surfacing material that was created by the DuPont company. It is popularly used to furnish countertops in homes and businesses.UsesCorian is versatile and can be cut, ... Read More »

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What is corian made from?

Corian is made of PNMA or polymethyl methacrylate, an acrylic-based plastic. The exact recipe for Corian is proprietary. DuPont manufactures Corian sheets and sinks. The sheets are precut in the fa... Read More »

What is best to polish Corian?

On One Hand: Easy to CleanSoap and water or an ammonia-based cleaner can be used to clean Corian counters. Do not use window cleaners, because they can leave a filmy residue. Hard-water stains can... Read More »

What color of Corian goes with honey oak?

On One Hand: Yellows and Golds are DramaticCorian is a material made for counter tops by DuPont. It is made of an acrylic polymer with alumina trihydrate added to make it harder. It is what is cal... Read More »

What is the cost difference between laminate& Corian countertops?

Laminate is the leading countertop material, but the solid-surface product Corian is also popular. Knowing the cost for each will help determine which best fits your project budget.LaminateLaminate... Read More »