What are coral reefs made from?

Answer Coral reefs form from the calcium carbonate skeletons of coral polyps, an animal belonging to the Cnidaria phylum of animals which includes jellyfish and anemones. Coral polyps form a symbiotic rel... Read More »

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What is a fan coral?

"Fan coral," "sea fan" and "gorgonian" are some common names for a type of soft coral branched to resemble a tree or fan. Fan corals have tough, intricately branched, tree-like skeletons covered in... Read More »

What do brain coral eat?

Brain corals feed on other tiny sea animals. They eat mostly plankton which float into the coral. Symbiotic plants living on the brain coral utilize photosynthesis, the byproducts of which help to ... Read More »

What is in coral calcium?

Coral calcium is a natural supplement harvested from dead coral reef above sea level. It contains calcium from coral, magnesium, vitamin D3, betaine HCL, vitamnin C and 73 minerals naturally found ... Read More »

What is coral player?

CoralPlayer is a scam. If you go to their web site (which you really have to search for to find a way to get to the page) you will find a link that says that you can "purchase" CoralPlayer for onl... Read More »