What is conventional memory on a PC?

Answer "Conventional memory" refers to the first 640 kilobytes of memory on a computer. This is the area of your computer's hard drive on which DOS runs. Today's computers have much more memory than the o... Read More »

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Different Weights of Conventional Oil?

All conventional motor oils have a viscosity or weight rating. This rating is the oil's ability to lubricate at certain temperatures. In years past, there was primarily straight oil that only had o... Read More »

Can You Use Synthetic Oil in a Car That Has Used Conventional Oil?

Switching the oil in a car from conventional oil to synthetic oil is a safe practice. While there used to be some concerns with making this change, the problems have been corrected.

Biofuel Vs. Conventional Oil?

Conventional oil is extracted through oil wells and refined into oil that is used for heating, to power vehicles, and to produce plastic and other products. Biofuels are a replacement intended for ... Read More »

Can you use synthetic oil in a car that has used conventional oil?

You can use synthetic oil in a car that has used conventional oil. In fact, according to Mobil Oil, you can even mix the two types of oil together if necessary.Source:Mobil Oil: Synthetic Oil FAQs