What is control talk on Dr Dre solo headphones?

Answer It's that little remote that's on the wire that allows you to control volume and use it as a mic for phone.

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What is the difference between drdre studio headphones and the solo headphones?

Studio goes over the ear and solo's are an on ear head phone. If I were you get the studio, they cost much more, cover the ear, but the solo headphones sound the same as skullcandy hesh, and cost 1... Read More »

What dr dre solo headphones should you get red black or white if my hair is brown?

The card will probably work with a D7000. Class 10 indicates read/write speed. It won't hurt the camera so try it and see. If you haven't bought a card yet this page shows which cards Nikon has tes... Read More »

How to tell if justbeats solo hd headphones are fake?

You won't know until you buy them.. But remember, if the price is too good to be true, then it's not real.

Why are headphones known as headphones when you do not talk thru them?

The "phone" part of the word is being used as its root word meaning "sound," rather than a short way of saying "telephone." Therefore, the word, taken literally, means "head sound."