What is continuing medical education?

Answer Continuing medical education (CME) is a program to assist medical and health care professionals to improve their skills in the area of medicine they specialize in.RequirementsMany states require me... Read More »

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Activities for Continuing Medical Education?

Health care professionals may and should advance their careers by taking continuing medical education courses. With continuing education courses, health care professionals can advance in their care... Read More »

How Can Medical Laboratory Technologists Accrue Continuing Education?

Medical lab technology is one of many health professions that may require its members to update their knowledge and skills annually with continuing education credits. The continuing education requi... Read More »

Continuing Education for Mammography?

The field of mammography is growing and changing. Digital mammography is replacing x-ray mammography is some areas. New and developing technologies for diagnosing diseases of the breast are becomin... Read More »

Continuing Education in Psychology?

Education does not end for psychologists the moment they graduate with their doctorate degree. Because psychology is a science, it is constantly changing and growing. Continuing education allows ps... Read More »