What is continual process improvement?

Answer Continual process improvement (CPI) is a constant effort to improve business processes, procedures and operations. This management technique focuses on implementing small changes over time, instead... Read More »

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How Do Managerial Accounting Systems Contribute Toward a Company's Continual Improvement?

Where financial accounting provides information for external stakeholders, managerial accounting focuses on information for internal stakeholders. Historically, managerial accounting was simply a p... Read More »

What is process improvement?

Nearly every aspect of life requires, and relies on, a process. From getting ready to go to work in the morning, to balancing your checkbook, a process is used to get from one point to the next.Def... Read More »

What is a process improvement plan?

Although businesses strive for perfection, not everything goes according to plan. That's why businesses create process improvement plans. Process improvement plans detail how a business intends to ... Read More »

What is a sustainable improvement process?

Typically, the goal of an improvement process in business is to close performance gaps and identify and eliminate low-quality production. Activities that's don't add value to an organization are re... Read More »