What is consumer discretionary?

Answer The term consumer discretionary refers to "a category of industries, made up of companies which deal with products or services that are not necessities," according to These non-v... Read More »

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Differences in Discretionary Vs. Mandatory Expenses?

The terms "discretionary expenses" and "mandatory expenses" refer to two different types of spending found in expense budgets and financial reports. It is important that the accounting department k... Read More »

Discretionary Fiscal Policy vs. Automatic Stabilizers?

The two primary types of fiscal policy used by the government are discretionary fiscal policies, which are deliberated and enacted on a case-by-case basis, depending on the prevailing economic situ... Read More »

Can a participant in a game show be called a consumer under the consumer protection act of India bearing in mind the decision laid down in society of catalysts v. star plus?

What is an example of a consumer?

There are many types of consumers. Consumers are people who purchase or consume various products on the market. They also pay for numerous services, such as haircuts. Though not all products are ph... Read More »