What is considored a pretty good amount of RAM memory?

Answer 1GB would be considered a "pretty good" amount - although if you really want a decent system nowadays you should have at least 2GB.

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Is 16MB a pretty decent amount of memory for a camera?

No.... Usually all the digital camera comes with about 16 MB internal memory. Depending upon the mega pixel of your camera 16MB would not hold so many pictures. For example if you have 4 MP camera,... Read More »

Is 320 GB a good amount of memory?

Yes, it would take a lot of files to use up 320GB.

What is the largest amount of memory foam you can buy?

Memory foam comes in a variety of sizes. It's used for pillows, mattress toppers and even as a combination mattress and topper. The largest size memory foam mattress combination is 76 inches wide a... Read More »

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