What is considered to be a frequent yeast infection?

Answer On One Hand: What Is Frequent?Yeast infections are considered frequent if they occur roughly every three months or more often, according to describes frequent yeas... Read More »

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What is considered frequent urination in early pregnancy Is the urge of having to GO every hour and a half considered frequent?

Answer No, like everything else there is a wide variation, some women need to go every hour, and others (myself included) have no increase in frequency at all.If you find it is burning/painful/sme... Read More »

Can you get a yeast infections from using the same toilet as someone who has a yeast infection?

No. Yeast infections are caused by an overgrowth of a yeast that naturally exists in the vagina. Since you already have that yeast in you so you can't be "infected" by anyone else.-----------------... Read More »

Can a urinary tract infection cause a yeast infection?

On One Hand: Not a Cause of Yeast InfectionsAccording to The Partnership for Women's Health at Columbia University, yeast infections may occur as a result of diarrhea that is sometimes a side effec... Read More »

Is it true diabetic women get frequent yeast infections?

Probably more than the average bear, but still in my 24 of diabetes, I've probably had ten and a good amount of those were in the past year, but I have another theory behind that. An uncontrolled ... Read More »