What is considered the first day of my period?

Answer According to Pregnancy Today, the first day of your period begins when your flow starts and does not include pre-menstruation spotting. Baby Med adds that your period starts when you see red blood ... Read More »

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What is considered a low, medium and heavy flow period?

That tends to happen. Your first few periods are either really heavy, or really light. Mine were light. But to answer your question, there isn't an exact way to tell. The only way you can really kn... Read More »

Is a 13-year-old girl who has not started her period yet considered overweight if she is 5' 2 and weighs 138 lbs?

Periods are irrelevant. what matters is that you eat a healthy diet, and exercise. You still have some growing to do so eat right, exercise and you will find your height and weight reach the correc... Read More »

Is a blood pressure reading of 90/44 to be considered abnormally low during a period of sleep?

dam hon ask ur dr.seems low to me but then u r at restur daytime ones r sure high

Are an absent period and being hungry and tired along with increased urination and bowel movements all considered symptoms of pregnancy?

Answer Hi,Yes these are pregnancy symptoms but there also symptoms of a tummy upset. If your period is late, do a pregnancy test to find out for sure.