What is considered the age for child abandonment?

Answer Most states don't have a set age - its' more about the circumstances and usually, what has happened (if anything) by the child being left. Did they burn down the house? Did they sit there and play ... Read More »

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What is Considered Child Abandonment in Michigan?

In Michigan, child abandonment is included in the child neglect category under the child protection laws. The neglect category includes failure to protect, improper supervision and medical neglect.... Read More »

Child abandonment laws in west virginia. if a parent has not had any contanct verbal or physical for more than 6 months. is that child abandonment?

How long can a parent go without seeing a child in Louisiana before its considered abandonment?

Abandonment is not defined as a parent not interacting with his or her child. In regards to civil definition of the term it means the non present and/or custodial parent is not financially supporti... Read More »

Is it considered child abandonment or neglect when the custodial parent goes to jail?

no. any minor children left in the home after or during a conviction become wards of the state. however every effort to find relatives/astranged parent who will take the minor child in until the pa... Read More »