What is a semi formal dress?

Answer Semi-formal is a step down from formal attire. Semi-formal dress doesn't require men to wear tuxedos or women to wear floor-length gowns. Depending on the time of day, a more casual outfit is appro... Read More »

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What is semi formal wear for women?

Semi-formal wear for women generally means that a cocktail dress or nice pants and a dressy top are appropriate. Anything with a significant amount of beads or other adornment is usually considered... Read More »

What do I wear to a semi-formal party?

In the past, semi-formal dress codes were specific and rigid. The first appearance of the "dinner jacket," the beginning of semi-formal attire, dates back to the late 19th century. Prince Edward ... Read More »

What does semi formal mean?

Semiformal describes the attire for an event where it is not required to fully dress up, but it is required to look nice. For men, this means a suit without the vest or a button-down shirt with a t... Read More »

What does semi-formal dress mean?

Semi-formal attire is typically worn to special occasions like weddings. For men, it consists of a suit with a dress shirt and tie, and black shoes. Women should wear a cocktail dress or dressy pan... Read More »