Since John McCain's birthplace which is a US miliary base in Panama is considered part of the US is the US military base at Guantanamo Bay also part of the US?

Answer Of course it is. The Cuban flag does not fly there, but Old Glory does. No, Guantanamo is NOT part of the United States. It is Cuban territory, leased to the United States under a long-term lease ... Read More »

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What relationship is my daughter to my second cousin's son?

Your daughter and your second cousin's son are third cousins to each other.

What is the second largest air force base in the world?

The united states air force protects the sky of the u.s.a. And also perform plays and performenses like the F-16 THUNDER BIRDS.And the air show.

How to Pick a Runner off at Second Base?

Runners sometimes feel safe at second, with a good pick off move you can take that feeling away. However, the move to second base is the most difficult. There are many different moves to second I w... Read More »

How to Solve for the Second Base of a Trapezoid?

A trapezoid is a quadrilateral, or four-sided shape, with two parallel sides, or bases. None of the sides or angles is required to be equal to another. If you know the measurements of one base, the... Read More »