What is considered red wine?

Answer Red wine is produced from either red or black grapes. However, a number of varieties exist, as do proper ways to consume and serve it.Major TypesThe most popular varieties include cabernet sauvigno... Read More »

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Is pink moscato considered a white wine Also, what are the ingredients of this wine?

Technically it's a rose although as far as I'm concerned if it's not a red wine that automatically makes it a white wine.So in other words, you're allowed to drink wine regardless of it's colour wh... Read More »

How much wine does someone have to drink to be considered a wino?

Enough to feel like you don't care and mean it everyday! Good luck to you in your quest.

Are wine coolers considered alcoholic beverages?

On One Hand: Wine Coolers Contain AlcoholThe average bottle of commercially produced wine cooler contains between 4 percent and 6 percent alcohol, sometimes more than a 12-oz. bottle of beer. The C... Read More »

Would drinking 3 bottles of white wine each night be considered a drink problem?

Not for six people, no. For one person, s h i t, yes.