What is considered part time in Minnesota?

Answer Federal and Minnesota state laws do not provide definitions for part-time employment. Full-time employees in the U.S. typically work a 40-hour week, but the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) ... Read More »

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How old do you need to be in Minnesota to get a part-time job?

Here in Minnesota, it is usually 16. But there are places that will hire 14 year olds. Some examples would be a walking paper route, filing/collating and stuffing envelopes, snow shoveling, lawn ca... Read More »

Is part time to full time considered a promotion?

On One Hand: It's Up to the EmployerThe Fair Labor Standards Act does not define full-time or part-time employment; that is up to the employer. However, according to the North Carolina Department o... Read More »

Is 32 hours considered part time?

The Fair Labor Standards Act put forth by the federal government does not define, in any specific terms, the necessary number of hours worked to be considered full time. This task has been left to ... Read More »

What is considered part-time employment?

Having a job does nto always mean working eight to five, five days a week. There are many reasons why employers and employees prefer part-time schedules, as well as different definitions of what pa... Read More »