Would i be considered over weight is curvy a bad thing?

Answer Overweight, no.Curvy, yes.Curvy is definitely NOT a bad thing.You can lose 10lb if you want, but you don't NEED to.Hope this helps.

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What is considered rapid weight gain?

If you gain an average of 1 to 1.5 pounds a week, that is considered rapid weight gain. That much weight gain is alarming, according to Dr. Wayne K. Goodman, head of a Food and Drug Administration ... Read More »

Weight charts. What is considered overweight?

Use BMI not weight to determine if you fall into the "overweight" or various obesity categories. BMI is simply weight (kg) / height (m) squared. Eg: 80 kg / (1.8m*1.8m) = 24.69 = 'Normal' BMIOverwe... Read More »

What is considered the normal height& weight for a 4½-year-old boy?

The normal height of a 4½-year-old-boy ranges from 38½ inches to 44½ inches with the 50th percentile falling around 41 inches. The normal weight of a 4½-year-old-boy ranges from 30 pounds to 48... Read More »

If a over weight girl has a pretty face could you look past the weight issue?

To be honest NO..As a guy there has to be psychical attraction, and that means slimmish, tallish and pretty, or sexy looking.What about girls who are slim and sex but also have a pretty face? obvio... Read More »