What is considered medically necessary for gastric bypass?

Answer Gastric bypass is a permanent form of weight loss surgery that involves removal of part of the stomach and a shortening of the intestinal tract. Certain medical criteria make this procedure a poten... Read More »

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Can you be denied coverage for gastric bypass if it is medically necessary?

AnswerIt depends on the terms of the insurance. Read the coverage document to determine if it specifically covers the procedure in question.ANSWERIf it is deemed medically necessary & your insuranc... Read More »

How to Eat Right After Gastric Bypass?

After Gastric Bypass, these are the foods you should be buying at the supermarket!Gastric Bypass is a wonderful tool to help a person lose weight and improve your health. It is important to remembe... Read More »

What can I eat after gastric bypass?

Gastric bypass surgery is a procedure that helps fight weight gain. It involves making the stomach smaller and creating a way for food to bypass some of the small intestine. People eat less followi... Read More »

What is gastric bypass?

Gastric bypass is a major surgery designed to help people lose weight. Typically, gastric bypass is an option for people who are extremely obese or who have health problems related to their weight.... Read More »