What is considered low income in the state of Florida?

Answer The low-income poverty thresholds established by the federal government are used by most states, including Florida (there are separate poverty guidelines for Alaska and Hawaii). Current poverty gui... Read More »

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What Is Considered Low Income in Florida?

The United States Department of Health and Human Services Poverty Guidelines determine low-income limits in Florida. These limits depend on the number of people in a household. As of 2009, for a si... Read More »

Ways to Be Considered In-State for Florida A&M University?

Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, or Florida A&M has stringent qualifications for a student to become what the university refers to as a "resident for in-state tuition." The residency... Read More »

Does Florida have state income taxes?

There are no state income taxes in Florida. The Florida state sales tax is 6 percent. The Florida gasoline tax is 34.4 cents per gallon. The Florida diesel fuel tax is 29.6 cents per gallon. The Fl... Read More »

In the state of Florida if the non-custodial parent remarries can their new spouse's income be included for child support?

NoAlmost never.  In a couple of states, there are some minor loopholes that revolve around cases where there is an open arreage or a recent reduction of support because of a new lower paying job, ... Read More »