What is considered immediate family for funeral leave?

Answer Bereavement leave is an employer policy that provides a specific number of paid days off for an employee who has experienced the death of a spouse, parent, child, grandparent or in-law so that he o... Read More »

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Who Is Considered Family in the FMLA Leave Act?

Who is considered family under the Family Medical Leave Act depends on an eligible employee's family status and reason for seeking FMLA benefits. One basic definition applies to the general pool of... Read More »

What salute is considered the highest honor at a military funeral?

How to Calculate Family Medical and Leave Act Leave Time Used?

Calculating Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) leave time used can be difficult. When you add in factors like mandatory overtime and mid-shift starts, calculations become extremely difficult. Here's a... Read More »

Does the family leave insurance act have eight weeks paid leave or 12?

The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) provides 12 -weeks of leave, rather than eight. However, the act does not provide paid leave, only unpaid leave, in situations such as the birth of a child o... Read More »