What is considered hazmat?

Answer Hazmat refers to any biological, chemical or physical item or agent that has potential to cause damage. Many of these are used for industrial processes or are common household items. Any hazardous ... Read More »

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What is hazmat?

Hazmat is a common abbreviation for "hazardous material." This means any solid, liquid or gas that can harm living things or the environment. People exposed to such material (unless wearing a hazma... Read More »

What is the meaning of hazmat?

The term "hazmat" is an abbreviation for "hazardous material." It refers to a material or substance that could pose a hazard to people, living organisms, or the environment.FormsHazmat substances m... Read More »

What is a hazmat endorsement?

A hazmat, or hazardous material, endorsement in the U.S. is a special endorsement that can be attached to a commercial driver's license. A hazmat endorsement is required to transport certain materi... Read More »

What is Hazmat training?

Hazmat training teaches people how to handle hazardous materials. It is important for people who work with toxic materials or run companies for which worker safety is an issue.SignificanceAccording... Read More »