What is considered hazmat?

Answer Hazmat refers to any biological, chemical or physical item or agent that has potential to cause damage. Many of these are used for industrial processes or are common household items. Any hazardous ... Read More »

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What is hazmat?

Hazmat is a common abbreviation for "hazardous material." This means any solid, liquid or gas that can harm living things or the environment. People exposed to such material (unless wearing a hazma... Read More »

HazMat Awareness Course v2.1?

Prevention, preparedeness, response, recovery, mitigation

Hazmat Checklist?

Hazmat refers to hazardous materials that are harmful to people, any other living organism or the environment. Hazmat checklists are the guides that Hazmat teams use when determining if a material ... Read More »

DOT Hazmat Certification?

The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) is responsible for ensuring the proper training and certification of hazardous materials (hazmat) employees under Title 49 of the ... Read More »