What is considered full time for GI Bill purposes?

Answer The GI Bill is a program that offers a wide variety of educational options for soldiers, helping them to fund a college education. Programs vary, as do reimbursement rates, based on the number of c... Read More »

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What is considered full time employment in ohio?

Most people have at some time wondered what "full time" actually means. Contrary to the popular notion in which full time employment constitutes 40 hours, the Ohio state government defines full tim... Read More »

Is part time to full time considered a promotion?

On One Hand: It's Up to the EmployerThe Fair Labor Standards Act does not define full-time or part-time employment; that is up to the employer. However, according to the North Carolina Department o... Read More »

What is considered full time during summer school at Hinds Community College, Mississippi?

Hinds Community College is the largest community college in the state of Mississippi, with more than 12,000 students currently enrolled. According to the Student Handbook for 2009-10, full-time sum... Read More »

How Many Hours Is Considered Full Time?

State and federal labor laws cover issues such as the age an employee can work particular jobs and what constitutes the minimum wage an employer must pay its employees. With regard to the number of... Read More »