What is considered federal tax evasion?

Answer Tax evasion is the act of illegally avoiding the payment of tax. Although tax evasion can be cloaked in a variety of schemes, its defining characteristic is its goal of circumventing federal law in... Read More »

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Is working for the USPS considered a federal job?

The employees of the United States Postal Service (USPS) are not considered federal employees. The United States Office of Personnel Management (OPM) lists all federal jobs. As such, the OPM does n... Read More »

Should a federal tax ID number be considered confidential?

On One Hand: Financial Uses.In addition to paying taxes, a business uses a federal tax ID number to build a credit history and for other confidential uses in the same way individuals use Social Sec... Read More »

Are federal school grants considered income?

Federal need-based grants including the Pell Grant can be considered taxable income if you are not a degree-seeking student and the money is used to pay for anything other than tuition, books, supp... Read More »

Is there a list of medical diagnoses that are not allowed by the Federal Government to be considered pre-existing?

Answer There is not really a list. An insurance company can consider anything pre-existing if they find out it has been an on going problem since before you picked them up as a carrier