What is considered extra in child support?

Answer Any amount in excess of the the court ordered child support.

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Was over paid child support for 2 years than child support stopped for 1 year does the law consider it an extra?

Overpaid child support is often consider a gift by the courts, which is why one need to regularly monitor their payments. see links below

What extra support can i offer a child in reception who is using a computer?

Paintshop Pro is a great computer programme for creativity and knowledge. I use it to do shape play and colour recognition. The children can be creative through making their own pictures to print o... Read More »

Is back child support considered a collections account?

In accordance with Section 1681b of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, back child support can be submitted to collections and shows up on your credit report as a negative entry.References:Fair Credit R... Read More »

If a father is behind in child support for 2 other children and does not visit with them is he considered unfit?

no to be unfit he would have to show he cant take care of the children now if he is behind because he cant afford it then maybe,if hes behind because he just doesnt want to pay then no i would say ... Read More »