What is considered excessive bail?

Answer Bail is money paid to the court by the accused as collateral to ensure that he shows up for trial. However, bail does not function as an additional punishment, so a judge must set a bail amount app... Read More »

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What is considered excessive urination?

You may have noticed an increase in how often you have to urinate and are wondering if this frequency should be of concern. If you are troubled, become informed regarding the signs of excessive ur... Read More »

When are taxes considered excessive?

On One Hand: Almost Anything is Too MuchTaxes can be considered excessive at almost any level. There are those, such as Libertarians, who believe in an extremely minimalist government which charges... Read More »

What would cause excessive sweating in a toddler i.e. meaning excessive with no known reason such as heat or running and playing etc?

Some children do sweat more. If the child is found to be otherwise normal there is no need to worry.

How do bail bonds and bail agencies work?

If you or a loved one is arrested you will need to understand what bail bonds are. If you are going to use the services of a bail bond agency, you also need to understand how they work, and what y... Read More »