What is considered business attire for women?

Answer Walk into any department store, and there is an overwhelming assortment of suits and accessories. However, there are many different styles, so it's important for women to find appropriate business ... Read More »

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What is considered business attire?

Business attire is one of the most important things in the professional world. Clothes are one of the first things people notice. If you work in a professional setting, your clothes should match th... Read More »

What is professional business attire for women?

Proper business attire for women has changed only slightly despite the ever-changing fashion climate. Though it can vary from company to company, appropriate business attire is always a classic an... Read More »

What do you think is the cutest business attire for women?

A pinstripe buisiness suit is cute with a bright button down dress top under the blazor for a pop of color.

What is holiday business attire?

Work-related holiday events can be fun, but also scary when it comes to deciding what to wear. You never know what others will show up in, but you can come dressed for success with a little plannin... Read More »