What is considered an open wound?

Answer An open wound is a break in the skin, whereas a closed wound does not break the skin but results in a bruise or contusion. An open wound will likely bleed and be painful. Severe, deep open wounds a... Read More »

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What is an open wound?

Any injury that involves a break in the skin constitutes an open wound. Open wounds require careful cleaning because of their susceptibility to infection. In some cases an open wound may require im... Read More »

What happens if you spray Lysol into an open wound?

It doesn't work very well as a sexual lubricant, either.

What would happen if you put ocean water on a wound/open injury and burn?

Ocean water will kill the germs and disinfect the wound but it will make it burn badly but makes you feel good after the pain is gone!

What happens if you put rubbing alcohol on an open wound that won't stay scabbed over?