What is considered an asset when filing for a fafsa?

Answer Completing online forms for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is fast and easy. This allows college students to apply for both federal and state financial aid programs. FAFSA is ... Read More »

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What is considered"totally disabled"when filing taxes?

A person who is totally disabled is unable to work because of her condition. The IRS establishes rules for people who are considered totally disabled. A totally disabled person has to be a U.S. cit... Read More »

What Is the Asset Value of a Home in Bankruptcy Filing?

In today's devalued housing market, reeling from the crash of mortgage giants like Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac in 2008, homeowners have five facts to consider when determining whether there is any ass... Read More »

Is my spouse considered a dependent when filing for unemployment?

Each state has its own unemployment policies, but some states do pay an additional supplement if the unemployment recipient has been financially supporting her spouse. Check your state's policy: It... Read More »

What is considered an asset in bankruptcy?

Anyone filing a petition for bankruptcy will be required to list all her assets. For the most part, assets are anything you own. You will need to assign a value to your assets.InvestmentsAll your i... Read More »