What is considered a service dog?

Answer Service dogs help disabled owners with many daily tasks, from opening doors to alerting a hearing-impaired owner to a ringing phone. With appropriate temperament, ability and training, these animal... Read More »

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Are police considered civil service?

Yes, police are considered civil servants. Law enforcement is a civil service for the people and the government. Notice the motto, "To serve and protect". However, other jurisdictions may not consi... Read More »

Would a secret service agent be considered a civilian?

To protect the life of the person in their charge, or their own life: Absolutely yes, no question. But they are no different than municipal police officers anywhere in that regard.

Are the United States Secret Service men considered veterans?

If considered disabled and was employed as a truck driver what is considered gainful emplotment?

Assess the economic facts: your earnings before the disability, your living expenses such as housing, utilities, taxes, etc (not discretionary i.e., premium cable channels, restaurant dining, etc),... Read More »